Picking the best Web Host

We will start off by naming the most common types of web hosting plans available.

Free Hosting - Cheap Hosting - Affordable Hosting - Premium Hosting - Ecommerce Hosting - Dedicated Hosting

Now that you know each type of hosting plan, you can determine which one best fits your situation. Most of the time, affordable hosting will be the best bet for anyone's site. You just have to look at the different features provided by each hosting company and pick the suitable affordable host for you. We are comitted to bring you information on the best web hosting companies - please check back often.

Two Things to always ask yourself before buying from a web host:

1) Does this web host provider have great customer service? (ex. Toll-Free, Live Chat, Ticket system)

2) Does this web host provider have a 30 day money back guarantee?

Summary of each hosting type:

Free Hosting- Generally beginners that haven't really tried web design before and want to get a free taste.
The Good: Its FREE
The Bad: Banners, might have to buy an overpriced domain, or stuck with a long sub domain. limited web space, limited bandwidth, usually no customer support.

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Cheap Hosting- This is the web space that is just above Free hosting. The major difference is that there is no advertisements, but the bandwidth and web space are still limited.
The Good: No more banners with a very low cost, email accounts, and customer support.
The Bad: Although it may seem cheap compared to the plans on that site, comparing the ratio of what you are paying for, it isn't "cheap" deal at all.
For Example, lets say that site A offers free web hosting that allow you 25mb of space and 1gb of bandwidth. They then have a "cheap" plan of 2.95 a month where you get 100mb of space and 10gb of bandwidth. This may seem like a reasonable deal, but if you compare what you could get with just two dollars more at other hosting sites, in fact, you are not getting a good deal at all.

Do not recommend!

Affordable Hosting- This is both for the webmasters and a person learning the ways of web design. This plan gives you more then enough tools to use for your web site.
The Good: More than enough web space and bandwidth, usually get a free domain, email accounts, customer support, and much more.
The Bad: Its not free, but seems to be affordable ranging from $4.95-$9.95 a month.

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Premium Hosting- Usually the the premium plan is just an upgraded affordable plan. For the webmasters who need a large amount of memory and bandwidth.
The Good: More web space, free domains, bandwidth, email accounts, sub domains, parked domains, dedicated ISPs, etc.
The Bad: These packages usually bump up the monthly price to range from $12.95-$25.00 a month.

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Ecommerce Hosting- This kind of hosting is for a business who is planning on selling their product via their website. Ecommerce hosting plans will support, and have secure pages, shopping carts, product catalogs, etc.
The Good: Comes with security features that keep your client's information secure, Database support to track all of your business areas, Shopping carts, and customer service that specialize in ecommerce hosting.
The Bad: These plans can get a bit pricey depending on how big your company is. The price can range from $25.00 and Up.

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Dedicated Hosting- This is different from a reseller program because you will be actually paying for your own server (computer), that is located in a data center. Prices differ from how fast your processor is, disk space, bandwidth, Operating System your server is running. Dedicated servers can be used to resell to clients or for backup with your company.
The Good: Large amount of disk space available for any use you see fit. Can be turned into a profit if you can establish solid business.
The Bad: Usually running from $99.00 dollars a month to $349.00 dollars a month.

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