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Domain hosting is obviously very important to your website's success. The low cost leader is not usually the best value. Uptime is of the utmost importance, and solid support can be essential, especially for new webmasters. Check out our latest Domain Hosting Reviews for our recommendations and tips on choosing a reliable web hosting service.

Our Top Domain Registrars:

Three rules to consider when registering your domain:

  • Never register through a reseller. There are endless horror stories of domain names lost due to resellers going under or turning nasty. Stick with the big Domain Registrars.
  • Always register the domain name in your own name and keep your information up to date.
  • A Domain Registrar is seldom (if ever) a good hosting company. Avoid "Host with us and get your domain name free" offers. These will generally bite you somewhere over time. Register your domain with one of the reputable registrars and get your domain hosting through a leading hosting company.

We recommend any of these Domain Registrars:


Last Updated: March 15, 2015

Domain Registration Review

Domain Registration is very important to your websites success. There are plenty of places where you can register a domain. It can cost anywhere from $2.99- $25.00 to register a domain that no one has already.

Sometimes people are willing to pay thousands of dollars in order to buy a premium domain. A couple of examples of a premium domains are "".

Once you have bought a domain, you can keep it as long as you would like, as long as you keep on renewing it year after year. There are ways for people to take your domain after it has been expired so if your domain is very crucial you should consider buying more than a 1 year plan for your domain in order to secure it for the future. 

There are new laws being put in place to stop people from taking trademarked/copyrighted names so some things are still protected.  Some domain extension examples are .com .net .org .ws .info .tv .edu .us .biz , etc, .co, .me, etc.

Listed above are the most reliable places to register a domain.  Remember that most of the hosting companies that we have reviewed offer free domains with the purchase of hosting so that you will not need to buy a separate domain through one of these registers. We generaly do not recommend this.

Top 5 Web Hosting Reviews

#1 Review GoDaddy

.Com Domains just $7.99 from! At a glance: The big daddy of domain registrars. Discount domains at about $10. BUT - registration is a nightmare - you'll be walking through a minefield. To make it even worse, there are so many changes to their website which, in our opinion, is done purely to trap the unaware user.
World's Largest Registrar -

Domain Registrar Review

.ME Registrations at Domain.comm At a glance: We've been using and can vouch for their support and straight to the point registration process. Domain Registration at around $10 per domain per year. A safe bet. - Get Started Now

Domain Registrar Review Network Solutions

At a glance: Solid, but expensive. You'll be paying around $35 per year per domain. Support is excellent. If you only have a few domains, Network Solutions is a great option. For bulk domain owners, go with one of the discount registrars.
Register your domain name with nsWebAddress™. Includes free instant home page, local directory listing and 24/7 real person support!

Domain Registrar Review $5 Domain Bnr_180x150

At a glance:Solid support and a no-nonsense registration process makes a viable choice. Cost is around $35 per domain per year. If you are interested in a domain and email adres only, this is a good choice. Private Domain Registration

Domain Registrar Review dd24 - Key-Systems GmbH

.ME Registrations at At a glance: Be safe and secure and move your domain registration off-shore to Germany's #1 Domain Registrar. This no-fluff registrar is our NEW top choice.

Register or Move your Domains to dd24

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