Free Hosting Reviews

Although these web hosts are free, We do want to warn webmasters that most free web hosting sites put their advertising on your page, or make you do something to their advantage. For example put their back link on your site. Also, your space and bandwidth are very limited, which could cause some more headaches in the end after you just put in all that time in making your site. We would suggest looking at the affordable hosts rather than free hosts if you are truly serious about your web page. If you are just testing out your site and curious about web sites then free hosting is the right choice for you.

Free Host Reviews:

top free hostingDotEasy Hosting
10 personalized email addresses
100mb Web Space
1GB Bandwidth Per Month
Free Support

A banner less free web hosting site. The only catch, if you consider it a catch, is that you have to buy a domain name from them.
Doteasy's Home Page
The domain registration is mandatory before you can receive the free web hosting. The domain registration is a little bit overpriced, but, that is the deal with Doteasy. One of the best free web hosting available.

top free hostingBravenet Hosting
1.5GB of bandwidth Per Month
50mb of Web Space
Web Based FTP
Free Templates
Advertising supported

Probably the most popular free web hosting site. Not only do they have "free" web hosting, they supply you with numerous scripts that are helpful to any webmaster. All of their free services require their advertisements.
Bravenet's Home Page
Bravenet has tons of extra features, but all of them are filled with ads. Looking around the website, you will soon notice that there are pop up ads flying at you in every direction. Unfortunately, you have to expect that from a free web hosting provider.

top free hosting NetFirms Hosting
FREE Website Starter CD
25 MB of Disk Space
1 GB Monthly Data Transfer
1 Web Mail Account (with Domain Name)
Optional Free Sub-domain
Microsoft FrontPage Exts. and Perl (CGI-Bin)
24/7 FTP Access
Technical Support via E-mail

Another good free web hosting site. We like this place because they give you the option of having a free account, and also have other note worthy hosting plans that are available through upgrading.
NetFirm's Home Page
Netfirm automatically puts a advertising banner on the top of your web page. The banner advertising will allow for the free use of their web hosting. Top banner advertising takes away from the sites professional look, and overall performance.