Aare you an Internet Entrepreneur

We get emails everyday asking questions about being an internet entrepreneur. There is plenty of money out there for people like you to make on the internet. I am not going to sell you an e-book, or even tell you to go buy an e-book that has a familiar title... "Make $2,000, $10,000+ A week!" . Does this look familiar? These types of e-books are sold all over the internet everyday. Too many to list. The people who wrote them are rich because people are buying their e-book for $30.00. There should be an e-book with the title, "Make Millions writing E-books". I'm not going to tell you not to buy a money making e-book, but hopefully I can pass some useful information regarding making money on the internet that will help you out.

TIP #1 - Know your market. There has to be a demand for whatever you are doing. Make sure there is a use for whatever you are selling or promoting. If you aren't selling anything, and your site is for content, make sure your content is worth being read. You want to drive people to your site so you can make money with advertisements. The bigger the flow of people, the more money you can potentially earn.

TIP #2 -Once you have a product, or content people want; you have to get people to your site. The #1 way people find new websites is through searching. You must submit your site to search engines either by hand, free search submissions, or paying someone to do it for you. There are plenty of people ready to submit your site every month.

Keywords with Search Engines- Put your best content towards the top of your webpage. Search engines use 'bots' to scan your page. If I search for dog, The #1 result displayed in the natural results will have the word 'dog' the most. Keywords and link popularity are the two factors with search engine ranking.

Tip#3 -Pay per click campaigns are a very useful tool in getting people to your website. Be careful when using this powerful tool. You don't want to bid too much on one keyword and run out of money. It is good to experiment with this tool. Adwords by Google, and Overture, by Yahoo are by far, the best Pay-Per-Click places to put your website.

*Hint* Before you join any affiliate program, or make a website to make money; check the guidelines for Adwords and Overture to see if your site meets the criteria, because if not, your advertising will take a huge punch.

TIP #4 -What does your website look like? Does it look like someone just threw a bunch of tables, and banners in every direction? Making your site as 'Professional' as possible is one key into keeping people coming back to your site. If of course your content is valuable. If you aren't a webmaster, then I would consider paying for a nice template that fits your needs.

Tip #5 -I don't care what anyone tries to tell you. There is no get rich over night scheme out there. Thousands of people are making a good living online. It takes time, knowledge, patience, and money to be successful online. It takes money to make money. Don't be afraid to take small risks. Don't mortgage the house, but if you have an idea, the drive, and the knowledge, nothing can stop you being an internet entrepreneur.

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